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We satisfy our clients with our cleaning services. We’ll remove any microorganisms to make your premises beautiful.

We Are The Leading Agency For Security Services In Navi Mumbai, Mumbai and Thane

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We started our company in 2010 to provide the best housekeeping and security guard services with the motto in mind to provide the excellent service we can to the customers.

Reputable cleaning service - That is exactly how it works!

Shresth Facility Services is a reputable housekeeping business that offers services for factories, malls, hospitals, corporate buildings, and retail stores. It will be more convenient for the customer if you provide a single agency for all of your jobs. Shresth Facility Services is an officially registered business with the Registrar of Companies and abides by all labor laws as well as EPF, ESI, Bonus, Leave Allowance, and other regulations. An industry completely complies with all legal requirements with regard to its operations and all personnel working there. 

Our workers always have an aphorism in mind while at work to give our stylish to our guests and that’s what we’re doing. we are a full-service provider when it comes to security. For this reason, we offer services in both areas: Security and housekeeping. Because with us, the focus is solely on people. Our employees do their best and are quality-oriented. We invest in their training and are happy to finance further training. Our quality management relies on trust in our employees and mobilizes their know-how, their intelligence, and their willingness to assume responsibility. It’s a solid system that you can’t buy, you only live it through our employees. We want to get as close as possible to our most important goal – customer satisfaction.

A qualified staff that possesses particular field experience in asset management, facilitation collaboration, and support services provides assistance to the business. SFS is adamant that even modest initiatives will eventually add up to increased quality, safety, and efficiency.

Our Vision

Our Vision To provide quality housekeeping services through honest, experienced, well-trained, and smartly uniformed personnel. Our Mission

Our Mission

We strive to be a secure client- acquainted association. Ours is an open and warm terrain where everyone is admired. Where everyone is admired. We give high- quality services at cost-effective and provident rates.

Quality Policy

We consistently strive to meet customer expectations. We constantly strive to improve our capacity to meet undiscovered needs. Our focus is always on building reputation rather than making a return or profit

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we’re the leading housekeeping and security services.


We are an officially registered business with the Registrar of Companies

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100% satisfaction guarantee that the customer will be happy with our services.

Quality Service

Quality service is dealing with clients and customers in a respectful and helpful way.